Commercial Products

Euronique builds high quality commercial casework, architectural millwork, and other custom products for a wide variety of businesses. We not only utilize the latest technology and equipment to create excellent products, we also have fine craftsmen, designers, and project managers to ensure we deliver long lasting, high quality products that meet or exceed design specifications and customer expectations.

Plastic Laminate Casework
Provided with or without locks on doors and/or drawers. Particle board or plywood cores. Various edge-bandings.

  • Standard commercial-grade cabinets
  • Custom commercial-grade cabinets
  • ADA-compliant commercial-grade cabinets
  • LEED-compliant commercial-grade cabinets

Architectural Millwork

  • Custom Reception Desks
  • Custom Walls with decorative reveals, offsets, materials, etc.
  • Custom Teller Lines for banks
  • Custom Column Wraps
  • Custom Display and Trophy Cases
  • Custom Stainless Steel cabinets/equipment
  • Windowsills of various materals

Countertops, Bar Tops, Wall Caps
Particle board or plywood cores where required.

  • Plastic Laminate (Self-Edge, Post Form, 3mm, Wood trimmed)
  • Solid Surface (Corian, Staron, Wilsonart, Livingstone, etc.)
  • Granite (commercial grade, wide selection of colors and price groups)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Specialty materials (e.g. acrylic, marble)

We provide a wide range of hardware types and brands based on architect's specifications.

  • Concealed, self-closing hinges (European style), 5-knuckle hinges, specialty
  • Wire pulls of all materials, recessed pulls, ADA-pulls, specialty
  • Slides (side-mounted, bottom-mounted, self-closing, various extensions
  • Stainless Steel for specialty locations
  • Fully Articulating Keyboard Trays, wide range of CPU holders

Pre-manufactured Casework

  • Merillat
  • Cardell
  • Kraftmaid
  • Wenger (band casework)
  • Stainless Steel Casework (various brands for lab, medical, or specialty applications)

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