Design Services

Euronique is offering design services to architects for some of the millwork required on many projects. We bid on over 100 projects each year and see the same issues many times throughout the year. When it comes to desigining/drawing custom walls, there appears to be a disconnect over what can be drawn and what can be built easily or, more importantly, at a reasonable price. Many times, casework providers will either submit RFIs in an attempt to get clarification on the actual desired design/results or will increase their bids to provide a buffer in case the item is harder to build than expected. Either action increases the workload on the architect or the cost to the customer.

Euronique would like to use its experience to assist architects in drawing specialty custom walls. These can include, but are not lmited to, reception desks, nurses' stations, teller lines, and so forth. Our drafting staff can provide an easily buildable design along with the shop drawings we would use if we were building the item in our facility. All we would require would be a sketch of the desired shape and features of the item and a description of the desired materials. Then our drafting staff with our custom manufacturing managers can devise a design that incorporates the elements desired by the interior designer while keeping the item easily buildable from a manufacturers point of view.

The bottom line is out-sourcing these areas of design frees up the project's architects time in not having to create the drawings nor answer RFIs about the drawings. Furthermore, most of the time the customer's will have enjoy reduced costs on their projects.

If you would like additional information on this service, please visit the Contact Us page and drop us a note. Someone will contact you with additional information for your specific project.

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