Base Casework Tennessee Map Kentucky Map Illinois Map Indiana Map Euronique specializes in commercial casework and millwork products. We provide high quality products to central and southern Indiana, western Kentucky, north-central Tennessee, and southern Illinois. Our employees take pride in providing excellent results for our customers, architects, and business owners we serve each and every day.

Base Casework Our products revolve around the manufacturing of casework using the European Cabinet System. Along with the casework, we can manufacture the accompanying countertops with plastic laminate or solid surface. If required, we can provide other countertops materials such as quartz, stainless steel, epoxy resin, acrylic, or granite. Additionally, Euronique builds custom items that include, but are not limited to, reception desks, nurse's stations, teller lines for banks, kiosks, trophy cases, display cases, windowsills, etc.

Base Casework Euronique Facility Our plant gives us the capability of producing jobs ranging from a few cabinets to very large jobs with hundreds of cabinets, custom desks, etc. What separates Euronique from many other manufacturers is our approach to building our products. We do not have a fixed set of standard cabinet sizes that represent the only choices for our customers. Our approach is to produce the cabinets required for a project regardless of their individual style and dimensions instead of a "best fit" approach with "standard" cabinets that are somewhat close to what the architect designed. Therefore, the final product looks nicer with the better fit, finish and integration that come from having a job furnished from a single source and designed/built with a given building and project in mind

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